Heirloom, The Community Recipe App

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Heirloom, The Community Recipe App: Strengthening relationships and communities through technology and shared cuisine.

Food and drink are a necessity and often what brings us together. “Breaking bread” is a popular idiom that means to eat together but often carries a deeper meaning: to make peace or get to know one another, whether that be for the first time or simply to reconnect. Heirloom is designed to emphasize and garner these connections.

The uprising of social media paired with growing numbers of people moving away from home creates a sense of disconnect, especially among millennials and their parents. Social media, although designed to connect people, can’t replace the feeling of sharing a home cooked meal.

Heirloom aims to solve this problem through technology and food. Our app’s social aspect will allow users to create groups and collaborate on recipe collections. This allows an entire family to create a collection of recipes that relatives can enjoy at home, no matter how far away they live. You may not be there with them, but cooking and eating introduces a physical element that is undeniably strong. There’s just something about eating a familiar food that comforts the soul and makes you feel truly at home.

Heirloom caters to millennial and DIY markets, while encouraging them to connect with family and friends to carry on the traditions that make each family unique.

Stay tuned for updates on our official launch date!

Carolyn, Lindsey, Lacey, and Tammi